Verrine Galla

Verrine Galla

BOX OF 24 SHORT GLASS - £55.00

Our Shot glass (verrine ) box selection are made with the finest quality food and they are perfect for corporate parties or small private parties

12 Vegetable nicoise, Parmesan cheese and crouton

12 Cucumber crème and smocked salmom

Our Shot glass  are freshly prepared on the same day of delivery for maximum freshness..

Deliver in a Disposable Packaging and Spoon is provided

For a more personal touch, try our Private Party Service.



  • Direct delivery to your door
  • Service available Monday to Saturdays
  • 48hrs-72hrs notice required
  • Minimum order £95.00 (free delivery)

How to Serve

Store in a refrigerator at 3 degrees

we cannot guarantee our products are allergen free


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