Eclairs- Bagnat

Eclairs- Bagnat

minimum order 10 eclairs, price by eclairs £4.50

minimum order 10 eclairs each finger food is about 3 bites and size of eclair is 9cm and 55g about

This french  pan bagnat sandwich revisited in eclair and it is a popular dish in the region around Nice

The eclair is stuffed with a tuna light cream with vegetable niçoise ( olive, tomato, anchovies, eggs, red pepper, rocket, radis, pea, spring onion ) 

Whether you're hosting a fancy cocktail party or just snacking, the eclairs - Bagnat is very elegant and easy to serve for any events, Enjoy freshly prepared canapé and buffet catering now





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  • Direct delivery to your door
  • Service available Monday to Saturdays
  • 48hrs-72hrs notice required
  • Minimum order £75.00 (free delivery)

How to Serve

• Store in a refrigerator at 3 degrees and consume in the next 2 days

• We cannot guarantee our products are allergen free, allergen on packaging 


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