Mini Rum Baba in Burger



Our sweet canapes are the perfect addition to a drink reception party.
Our  box selection is made with the finest quality food and they are perfect for corporate parties or small private parties

A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small Brioche yeast cake saturated in syrup made with Rum liquor and filled with vanilla whipped cream.
This is one of the best French classics for patisserie
Minimum order 15 /  by unit £1.90
Contains allergens: Egg, Gluten, Milk (including lactose), Wheat.
Although we take every reasonable precaution we cannot guarantee that the products will be 100% wheat, nuts, and gluten-free
Deliver in Disposable Packaging and consume in the next 2 days.

Availilability: In Stock

Additional Information:

I wanted to provide you with some more details regarding the menu. One of the highlights is the Mini Rum Baba, also known as Baba au Rhum. It’s a delightful brioche yeast cake soaked in syrup made with Rum liquor and filled with vanilla whipped cream. These little sweet cakes are a delicious treat, but they do have a strong rum flavor, so they might be more suitable for the adults at the party. Nonetheless, they are a classic dessert that never disappoints.

Rum baba in a burger, Contains allergens:  Egg, Gluten, Milk (including lactose), Wheat, may contain nuts

Delivery is on disposable packaging
minimum order is 15
The size of each canape is 3 bite
Our Canapes are Freshly Prepared on the same day of delivery
Store in a refrigerator and consume on the next days

Guide for your events
For cocktail parties lasting between 1.30 to 2 hours, we would recommend  10 to 12   canapes per person ( including 2 to 3 sweet canapes  )
For other events such as business events lasting between 1 to 1.30 hours,  we would suggest only 6 to 8  canapes per person. (including 1 sweet canape)
We also supply the hire equipment and a butler service for orders of over 400 canapes. Please contact us for more information.

the benefit of local sourcing!

As a chef,  Sourcing local ingredients helps us to make exclusive canapes or dishes that our clients can’t experience anywhere else because the flavors we use in our menus are unique dishes. enjoy!  Chef Bertrand Munier