Chef Bertrand Munier offers a wide range of hand made canapés for parties of all kinds. From shot glasses filled with tomato gazpacho to smoked salmon on blinis to lemon dome tart, our canapés are sophisticated yet inventive and a sure success with any kind of guest.

It is essential that you provide your guests with delicious food at your party. Finger food canapes is the best type to serve as it allows your guests to choose how much they eat and when. It also allows them to socialise and eat at the same time. There are many different types to consider too.

Food is perhaps the most important ingredient for any successful party. Providing your guests with food shows that they are welcome and ensures that nobody goes hungry. In addition to this, food can also bring people together and get people talking — the key to success for any party.

We save you the hassle of having to make your own party canapés by delivering them directly to your door on the day of your event – ensuring maximum freshness and flavour. Simply browse through our ranges online and make your selection – we’ll do the rest!

Our Canapes in our website are on disposable packaging and VAT is not applicable. Presentation tray ready to serve can be provided at an extra cost (VAT is applicable). For more information please contact chef Bertrand Munier for any question .


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