Also known as Verrine, these shot glass canapes can fill the void of stylish food items. With each layer, these appetizers just become more delicious. One of the best things about shot glass canapés is their structured presentation. They come in short glasses and are quite easy to assemble; hence, perfect for cocktail or bachelor parties.

The simple, structured presentation is tough to beat. Stylish and straightforward, verrines are easy to put together and look as elegant as anything you can serve.
We design a box of 24 Verrine (short glass) easy to serve. For a cocktail party, we would suggest only 1 per person and 2 per person for lunch or finger food
The selection of Bertrand Munier Cold glass verrine Boxes is made with the finest quality of food and they are perfect for corporate parties or small private parties.

Shot Glass Canapes

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