If you are hosting an event whether it is a Private party or corporate event, you will want your guests to have the best experience.

There is no better way than to treat your guests when you are hosting an event than with delicious finger food. These are the perfect addition to any evening as guests can have as few or many as they like without you needing to worry about serving a full dinner. 

Having delicious and carefully Prepared Finger food  can make the world of difference for your event.

Our Selection of finger food come on box of 20 pieces or individually  depending of selection . Each large canapes is about 2 to 3 bites . 

Finger foods are ideal for lunch and functions as a stand-alone buffet or can be added to other menus when you feel you need that little bit extra.
We provide ready to serve Finger Food, canapes Afternoon Tea (Sweet canapes, petits fours ) , delivered in and around London.

Finger Foods and Sandwiches

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