Summer fruits Bamboo Stick



Sweet canapes  are the perfect addition to a drink reception party.
Our  box selection is made with the finest quality food and they are perfect for corporate parties or small private

ingredients : each  bamboo Stick:  Melon, watermelon, Strawberry, blueberry, and fresh mint.

30pieces  In each box

Contains allergens:  none, can contain trace of nuts, sesame seed, and Gluten Deliver in Disposable Packaging and consume in the next days.

Availilability: In Stock

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for  Summer fruits Bamboo Stick 
 each bamboo Stick, Melon, watermelon, Strawberry, blueberry, and fresh mints.
Contains allergens:  none, can contain trace of nuts, sesame seed and Gluten
Delivery is on disposable packaging
30 Bamboo on each box
The size of each canape bamboo  is 1 bite
Our Canapes are Freshly Prepared on the same day of delivery
Store in a refrigerator and consume on the next days
Experience the delightful burst of summer with Chef Munier’s Summer Fruits Bamboo Stick canapés. These charming treats are perfect for any gathering in London, big or small. Each skewer is lovingly assembled with the freshest melon, watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, and a hint of fresh mint, all beautifully arranged on eco-friendly bamboo sticks. Known for our exceptional canapé delivery service in London, we ensure that these skewers taste fantastic and embody a refreshing, healthy snack option.
Chef Munier believes in catering to everyone, so our canapés are completely gluten-free, ensuring no one misses out on these delightful creations. Whether it’s a quaint family affair or an elaborate corporate event, these fruit canapés add a splash of luxury and vitality, delivered right to your doorstep.