Provencal Lamb Confit with grilled vegetable


This classic dish of the South of France is one of my favourite, I have given a twist of modern touch for the spring and summer, the  lamb is confit on the sauce for about 2 h with white wine and tomato sauce. grilled provencal vegetable serve on the top of the dish
• Deliver in a Disposable Packaging: Packaging cold delivery
recipes from chef Munier, Individual Main course, elaborated with fresh seasonal ingredients.
Store in a refrigerator and consume on the next 2 days

Availilability: In Stock

Contains allergens: celery, Milk, lactose, wheat, gluten, mustard

Delivery is on disposable packaging and cold delivery 

Serve 1 portions  and weight is about 480g size 10cm diameter 

For a conventional oven: Preheat the oven to 6/8-175 ° C for 15/20minutes.

Individual Main course, elaborated with fresh seasonal ingredients.

All instruction is on the packaging to warm up the dish

How to heat the Boko/Ramekin – 

*Remove the short glass from the fridge and leave them at room Temperature for about 30 mins .

*remove the top of the Short glass – Boko

*Display the Boko in a Baking tray with 15cl of water 

*Heat the short glass in a oven for 20 to 30 mins in the oven at 170 degrees to 185 degrees